Indoor Range
The indoor range is located in the north east corner of building 7271 at Gibson Ave on Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson. From Boniface Gate take Arctic Warrier Drive, turn right onto Gibson, the last building on the right, in the back.
Map to the Indoor Range (PDF document)

Outdoor Range
The outdoor range is located at Six Mile lake on Elmendorf AFB. From Boniface Gate, take Arctic
Warrier Drive, turn right onto Fairchild Ave., follow it
to Six Mile Lake.
Map to the Outdoor Range (PDF document)

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Braggin' Board

   All members are encouraged to submit a maximum of 3 photos to our webmaster. Our webmaster has the final say on what photos are posted – no exceptions, so display your best pics. If possible, keep size down to 4x6 when e-mailing photos.
Photos submitted with a rifle are welcome; however, they will be exhibited on the “Wall of Shame” category.

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  Be proud of your achievements and share them with your fellow comrades.

David Emerson

Jan 2010 - Another opportunity to visit another place and take advantage of their hunting - stalked and shot this 185 lb Georgia boar at 32 yards.

Nov 2009 - First time in Illinois, took my nicest whitetail to date with a bow, got him on public land and cant wait to go back. He walked by me just before daylight and coyotes chased him out of the field and back to me an hour later. Illinois takes care of the military too - still on active duty? you get resident rates, cost about 45 bucks total for doe and buck tag.

Eric Rausch

The caribou was a 62 yard shot on the Haul Rd in September 2009.

Dwight Coppock

South Africa on a 10 day safari.
The Gemsbok was taken at 30 yards with a Matthews Outback, from a "hide."
The "hides" were set up for rifle hunters, about 60 yards from the water holes. I resorted to using my guide's 30-06 to bag the other three animals.
View them here.

Eric Rausch

Ft Rich 25 Sept 2008 on a beautiful sunny morning.
Solo hunt. 55”. Nice heavy bull.

John Sarvis

Sitka deer, Nov. 2007, Kodiak Island

Mule deer, Dec. 2007, Nevada

Antelope, Aug. 2005, Nevada

Elk, Sept. 2005, Montana

Dall Sheep, Sept. 1998, Alaska

Jeff Hanson

Here is one of many bears Jeff has taken over the years.

Jeff Hanson's travels to his home state of Wisconsin for the last 30
years and here is one the nicer bucks taken with a bow.

Northern Pike with a bow, who says you need a fishing pole...

Ft Rich cow moose, taken with a little help from some friends. In
the picture is Allan Phillips, Kirby Taylor and me.

Picking on some small game, Jeff takes a rabbit instead of a moose.
Just need to shoot more of them.

Wayne Stiles

57 yard shot thru the heart/lungs

Jason DeTullio

Caribou hunt was August 2006 Haul Road shot @ 50 yards near Toolik Lake. First Bow Kill!

Markus Doerry

January 2007 Moose Hunt

July 2006 Bou Hunt

Jason Nixon

2005 cow taken at Knik.

Taken on the Haul Road in 2005. Scored 158 Pope and Young.
His first bow kill!

Scott Freed

Aug 2006 bull from the Haul Road. Shot at 50 yards and recovered
using the "SS Duncan" single man raft.
"Thanks Dunc for letting me borrow it."

Taken on the Haul Road in July 2005.
55 yard shot. Up near pump station 2.

Shot in Oklahoma in 2004. Taken at 15 yards weighed in at 200 lbs.

Bernard Punzalan

Location: North of "Happy Valley" (Dalton Highway)
 Single shot:  30 Meters - double lung 
Bow:  BowTech Sampson 04

Eric Rausch

The moose (51") was arrowed 100 miles south of Fairbanks 2005.

The caribou was shot at 30 yards up the Dalton Hwy in 2006

The Ptarmigan were arrowed up around Prudhoe Bay 2006.

Wall of Shame

Eric Rausch

The sheep was a solo hunt in the Wrangles (.270 WSM)

The goat was a 354 yard solo Kodiak hunt (.270 WSM)

Dwight Coppock

South Africa on a 10 day safari.
I resorted to using my guide's 30-06 to bag the other three animals.

The Kudu is 50 inches around the curve of each horn and scores over 150 points, enough to make the SCI record book.

The Impala is big enough to make the SCI record book.

The Wildebeast was taken at 80 yards in the brush.

Eric Rausch

September 2008
Hiked a total of 22 miles for her in 14C draw. Shot her at about 12 yards on the very top of a mountain. Should’ve had my bow. Best meat I’ve ever eaten to date; maybe my 130 lb pack out increases tastiness.

This one is 7’2” with a 22” noggin. He saw me from a mile away, and ran into me on a rope, cutting the distance down to about 200 yards. He was licking his lips so I figured that was close enough. I hunted a grand total of about 2 hours for him.

Interior Blond Griz 20” skull, 7'6” hide.
Taken at 100 yrds w/ .300 RUM 5June07. No Rubs.
"Countless caribou and moose calves saved.
Prettiest bear I've ever seen."

5' 6'' black bear taken with a .300 RUM at 325 yards.
Single shot through the heart in 2005

Derek Nishimura

51.5” moose shot in Unit 20D in 2004 @ 300yds
with a Browning Stainless A-bolt in .30-06

Jason DeTullio

October 2005 Healy Cow hunt, shot at 212 yards with .300 WSM

Markus Doerry

October 2005.
Taken with a 7mm Magnum at 335 yards.

Jon-Michael Rull

2005 at Hatcher's Pass.

2005 at Knik.


Scott Freed

Taken in 2002 with a .308 @ 185 yards near Delta Junction.



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